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Welcome to The Gugu Dlamini Foundation

The Gugu Dlamini Foundation is an initiative of Mandisa Dlamini, the daughter of the late Gugu Dlamini - an AIDS activist who was killed for coming out and share about her HIV status. Her death highlighted the level of stigma in South Africa and the world in general for people living with HIV. In her memory, her daughter, Masndisa Dlamini who also went through a tough time after the death of her mother, decided to honor the memory of her late mother and created the Foundation so to keep fight against HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence.

Gugu Dlamini Memorial

To plan, organize and conduct the Gugu Dlamini memorial events which will include commemoration services, memorial lecture and fundraising events.

Women Empowerment

Targeting young women in the area and empowering women with socio- economic, sexual and reproductive health rights and education skills

Girl Child Project

Providing life skills to children with the focus to the girl child. This project will also look into the well being of a girl child in terms of food, security, shelter and education.

Gender Based Violence

To work throughout the year against gender based violence. Organize and participate in the 16 days of activism campaign against violence on women and children.

Art and Sport

Sports and Arts is a paramount ingredient in improving the quality of life of any community.

How you can Help

Our work is made possible by those many people just like you who make an important contribution in the struggle against poverty and the fight against HIV/AIDS by selflessly donating their time, talents and resources to our work. Together, we will defeat our enemies. Part of the aim of this website is to leverage an additional source of funding. By doing this, the Gugu Dlamini Foundation can further its intervention. We are hoping that numerous small contributions made by yourself and other concerned individuals will amount to an impactful improvement to the lives of so many South Africans. Please make a small contribution, and be glad to have made a difference to someone's life.

                  Gugu Dlamini Foundation Involved at                           2016 International AIDS Conference - Durban

Quotes from Activists and World Leaders

The struggle against HIV/ADS and the stigma has cost the lives of many. Same time many have contributed to fight this pandemic - below are just some quotes from our legendary activists and comrades in the struggle.

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Our partners and donors

Our work is made possible through the much appreciated donations and support we get from our partners and donors. We are so grateful for your continuous support. Without you our work today would have remained only ideas on papers - just like many out there. We thank you and ask that you will continue supporting our work.