Improve life of the infected and affected youth and young women through capacity building.

Reach out to disempowered communities of Kwa Mancinza in and surrounding areas “INK” with education programmes on prevention on health related information.

Breaking the silence surrounding HIV and AIDS related issues to make voices of orphans directly affected and infected to be heard in South Africa.


Gugu Dlamini Foundation endeavours to make the vision a reality by ensuring that women and the girl child within Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu commonly referred to as (INK) are empowered to deal with life issues.

This will consist of disseminating accurate information on preventing and managing abuse of alcohol, drugs and skills development and relate to health issues through effective leadership communication, partnerships and collaboration.

The intention is to promote social change cohesion and personal responsibility, as well as challenging stigma to promote equality and non-discriminating against those effected and affected by the epidemic.


The GDF aims to:

Introduce community programs by understanding the risks posed by the substance abuse woman abuse epidemic and implementing contingencies to redress them

Provide capacity building and skills development activities for the young women and girls provide door-to-door education with information on preventing substance abuse and other opportunistic infections

Address the plight of the girl child both attending school and those that are school leavers, who are disadvantaged by the impact of substance abuse.

Accelerate sports and arts in schools and the community at large.