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The Gugu Dlamini Foundation is opened to all sort visitors and participants in our actvities. We understand how important collective work is and open our door to all volunteers and potential donors to please visit us as we seek to share the story of the late Gugu Dlamini to the entire world and hoping it heals as many as it can.

Please pick up your phone and give us a call
            Tel: +27 31 292 2852               Moile: +27 82 214 6180
Visit our office at any time and share with us your experience
B155 Mfene Road, Ntunzuma. B-Section KwaMancinza, KwaMashu. Durban
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Please Get Involved

Life has taught us that no community work can be achieved by only an individual, but collective participation. We edge well-wishers and willing individuals to kindly join us in th struggle as we fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty related diseases in South Africa