Girl Child Project

train1Providing life skills to children with the focus to the girl child. This project will also look into the well being of a girl child in terms of food, security, shelter and education. The centre will have a strong footprint on orphans and vulnerable children.

Cell C have has a girl child project and will be approached to discuss how they can support the activity through sponsorship of Take a Girl to Work Day, work placements/internships and motivational talks.

Motivational speaker will be contracted to conduct a programme of self-empowerment talks on areas such as self-esteem, nutrition, personal conduct, gender equality and financial independents.

Career guidance counsellors will be sought from other government organisations, private sector and NGOs to provide advice on career opportunities and education pathways to achieve them.

It is envisaged that a bursary scholarship scheme will be implemented to assist promising young girls with academic or other merit (music, sports, and community service) to achieve their personal development goals.